Offshore Drilling: Spain


Projects to search for offshore hydrocarbons have multiplied in recent years. However, the economic interest in exploiting these resources does not run in parallel with the knowledge of their ecological value, as the studies of environmental impact by oil companies show. All of the reports that Oceana has analysed contain serious deficiencies and in some cases even hide data, although this does not prevent them from being approved by the administrative processes.

In addition, no technology currently exists that is capable of quickly stopping a spill occurring at great depth, as was demonstrated by the accident of the Deepwater Horizon. For this reason, some projects seriously endanger the surrounding areas and resources such as fisheries and tourism.

The domestic production of crude oil accounted for 0.24% of the total consumed in Spain in 2012, which is a long way short of self-sufficiency. Oceana believes that offshore prospecting presents disproportionately high risks when compared to its contribution to energy security and advocates clean energy.


Mediterranean Spanish depths

threatened by oil and gas projects.

Canarian depths threatened


Analysis by Oceana of projects in Spanish waters:


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Hydrocarbon surveys off the Costa del Sol. Siroco Project


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