Sustainable fisheries management can increase catches by more than 50%. Why should we settle for less?

For the first time ever, we know the full potential of fish recovery in Europe and its good news! If we manage fish sustainably, fish catches can increase by 57% or 5 million tonnes. That’s a lot of fish currently missing from our seas. On December 12th-13th the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of the EU … Read more

Oceana research reveals high biodiversity at risk in British waters of the North Sea

The marine conservation group’s first ever at-sea surveys in the UK have already recorded 350+ species, many of which found in areas threatened by human activity. Oceana has just completed the UK leg of its eight-week North Sea expedition, and the preliminary results emphasise the wealth of marine biodiversity present in this region. To date, … Read more

Oceana thanks the Dutch Postcode Lottery for generous grant to fund North Sea expedition

Oceana acknowledges the Dutch Postcode Lottery for a generous grant of €1.1 million which will fund the first research expedition into the North Sea by the international ocean conservation organisation. The at-sea work will focus on offshore areas in The UK, Denmark, Norway and especially The Netherlands where few data are currently available. The imagery … Read more