6 out of 10 UK fish are being overfished or are in a “critical” state

UK fisheries audit reveals status of fish stocks setting a baseline for evaluating future UK management decisions Oceana calls for urgent action to end overfishing to avoid the total collapse of cod   The UK fisheries audit released today by the largest international advocacy organisation dedicated solely to ocean conservation, Oceana, paints a disturbing picture … Read more

UK Fisheries Audit 2021

What does Brexit mean for UK fish stocks? from Oceana on Vimeo. The UK Fisheries Audit provides an evidence-based snapshot of the status of UK fish stocks and the UK fishing sector’s recent exploitation history of those stocks, by the time the UK leaves the EU fisheries policies. In doing so, the report provides a … Read more

Amazon’s Big Role in Ocean Plastic Pollution

Oceana calls on Amazon to address its contribution to the plastic disaster that is devastating the world’s oceans and marine life and provide its customers with plastic-free choices Oceana has today released a report – based on an analysis of e-commerce packaging data – that found Amazon generated 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste … Read more

New UK Fisheries Act turns back the clock on sustainable fisheries

Oceana regrets that the Fisheries Bill, which has today received Royal Assent making it the Fisheries Act, fails to include a legal duty to fish sustainably, below Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), for all stocks. The Fisheries Bill originally offered hope of a new gold standard for fisheries management in the UK, which could have served … Read more

Brexit puts Northeast Atlantic fisheries abundance at risk

The future of fish looks bleak in Europe. Nearly nine months since the official Brexit and after multiple rounds of fisheries negotiations, the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) are racing against the clock to conclude a fisheries agreement. The problem? The UK is gambling with the long-term health and abundance of the … Read more

Hopes for sustainable fishing flounder as Fisheries Bill passed

The Fisheries Bill concluded in Parliament today (Thursday 12th November) as hopes flounder for the UK to lead the way in sustainable fishing. The Fisheries Bill includes scant legal commitment to fish sustainably, despite having been much lauded by Ministers as the UK’s chance to showcase “gold standard” fisheries management as an independent coastal state … Read more