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The Ranger approaches. Sunday, February 13th 2005

Xavier has been in touch with the Ranger crew; they are nearby and should arrive in Golfito tonight. We have been working closely with the staff of MarViva to prepare for the trip to Cocos Island. Some background on MarViva: The organization was created in 2002 to enforce protection in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine … Read more

Bananas and satellite phones. Monday, February 12th 2005

So here we are, waiting for the Ranger in Golfito. And waiting keeps us busy. There are arrangements with the marina to be made, communications technology for the boat to be tested, press releases to be sent out. Xavier is on the phone non-stop; I’m trying to learn as much as I can about Golfito, … Read more

Golfito. Friday, February 11th 2005

I’m in Golfito. On one side there is jungle; on the other, ocean, and the Ranger should arrive any day. The adventure begins. The trip to the ocean has been mostly through the air. I took a plane from DC to Miami; from Miami to San Jose; and this morning, in a plane that would … Read more