Of the 307 shark species assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 50 are listed as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered, but only the white whale and basking sharks are protected internationally under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Sharks now represent the greatest percentage of threatened marine species … Read more

Who takes care of Atlantic sharks?

Despite its name, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) is in in charge of ensuring the sustainable management of many fish species including sharks. Over the last few decades, catches of commercially fished sharks have continually increased, however no proper management measures have been put in place and catches continue to … Read more

Seven species of sharks and rays, protected in the Mediterranean

Good news for sharks: the list of wildlife species under special protection procedure just include the Mediterranean populations of seven species: dogfish, common Shortfin Mako, porbeagle, stripe candle, Malta, common guitar and guitar Blackbeard stripe. Thus, the Spanish legislation prohibits that bother them, capture or killed, and that traded with them Overfishing has wiped out … Read more

The unknown status of Atlantic blue sharks

Last week, Oceana attended an international meeting on blue sharks that was held in Tenerife, Spain, by ICCAT (the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas).  The meeting was the first of two for this year’s assessment of blue sharks in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea – the first ICCAT assessment that has … Read more

Yet more species pushed to the limit

Following last week’s World Parks Congress in Sydney, the IUCN red list was updated, showing that the Pacific Bluefin tuna, Chinese puffer fish, American eel, Chinese cobra and the Australian butterfly are currently being pushed to the limit. The Pacific Bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) was moved from the “least at risk” category to now be … Read more

Oceana celebrates NEAFC improvements on shark management

Lack of agreement for key commercial stocks like mackerel, blue whiting or herring Today, the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), responsible for managing fishery resources in the international waters of that region, has finished its week-long annual meeting in London. Oceana, an NGO observer to NEAFC, strongly welcomes the measures adopted for shark management … Read more