European Parliament votes for a sustainable future for Baltic Sea fisheries.

Today, the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament voted in Brussels on a multiannual management plan (MAP) for fisheries in the Baltic Sea, the first MAP under the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The plan addresses the long-term management of the major commercial stocks of cod, sprat and herring, and also provides measures for some … Read more

New Zealand rejects deep-sea mining: a positive lesson for Europe

Since yesterday, New Zealand has been celebrating a great victory for its oceans and the coastal communities living on the eastern shores of Pacific island. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) refused marine consent to mine phosphorite nodules on the Chatham Rise, an area of ocean floor to the east of New Zealand, forming part of … Read more

Evolución de la pesca en Baleares en el último siglo

Realizamos una estimación de las capturas totales reales de las Islas Baleares, obteniendo un resultado de 570.500 t desde 1950 a 2010. Los desembarques oficiales representaron un 44%, seguido por los desembarques que se venden en el “mercado negro” (24%), descartes (18%), pesca recreativa (10%) y pesca de subsistencia (4%). Teniendo en cuenta que las capturas oficiales fueron para ese periodo 248.000 t, las capturas reales … Read more

Spain Announces Law to Fight Pirate Fishing

Spain, which is Europe’s largest fishing country and the biggest importer and exporter of seafood products in the European Union, has become the first Member State to take action against pirate fishing. Spain introduced a new fisheries law that imposes stronger penalties on Spanish citizens found to be involved with pirate fishing anywhere around the … Read more

Bluefin Tuna Season Cut Short Again

After continuous campaign work by Oceana, in early June the European Commission closed the bluefin tuna purse seine fishery early for a third year in a row, further confirming the overcapacity of the fishing fleet. The assigned quota was reached one week earlier than expected, and the Commission’s decision came despite the fleet reduction plans … Read more