Oceana launches interactive platform to calculate benefits of sustainable fishing

A new interactive tool launched today by Oceana explores the potential socio-economic benefits of European Union (EU) countries moving away from current fishing practices. The launch comes ahead of a fisheries seminar organised by the European Commission on 14th September, which marks the start of discussions on fishing limits in 2019 for the Baltic, Deep-sea … Read more

UN alert: Mediterranean is world’s most overfished sea

A health-check report on world fisheries and aquaculture by the United Nations (UN) has revealed that one-third of global marine fish stocks are now fished at unsustainable levels and have reached ‘overfished’ status. Oceana flags particular attention to the state of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, which according to the report published today, is the … Read more

Baltic Sea: Status and potential productivity of fish stocks

To date the European Union is failing the responsible man-agement of fish resources. Despite different international commitments, and EU framework regulations on sustainable fisheries, the status of EU fish stocks is still far from being considered as positive. A recent study (Froese et al. 2016), commissioned by Oceana provides the largest picture of European fisheries … Read more

North Western Waters. Status and Potential Productivity of Fish Stocks

The European Union is failing to responsibly manage its fish resources. Despite several international commitments and EU framework regulations on sustainable fisheries, the status of fish stocks is still far from being considered as healthy. Overfishing in the EU continues to affect a large proportion of fish stocks. In the North Western Waters (NWW) the … Read more

European fisheries ministers turn their back on the economic potential of fish recovery in the North East Atlantic

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council agreed tonight to allow continued overfishing in North-East Atlantic. Once again, ministers approved catch limits for 2017 that surpass scientific recommendations, ignoring the facts that 64% of European stocks are overfished and 85% are below healthy levels. EU countries have a legally binding obligation to fish stocks at sustainable levels … Read more

Exploitation and Status of European Stocks – Froese Report

Executive Summary Stock assessments are presented for 397 stocks in 14 European ecoregions, from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Surplus production modeling was used to estimate fisheries reference points in a maximum sustainable yield (MSY) framework. Fishing pressure and biomass were estimated from 2000 to the last year with available data (2013-2015). Results … Read more