Oceana proposes 28 atlantic marine habitats for protection under OSPAR

Oceana yesterday presented findings from its expeditions to a group of scientists and experts from Norway, the UK, France, Sweden, Germany and Spain gathered in Norway under the framework of the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR). The images and data demonstrate the existence of 28 marine habitats … Read more

Oceana’s expedition in the Portuguese Atlantic identifies over 100 marine species on Gorringe seamount

Oceana identified over 100 different marine species on Gorringe seamount after completing a scientific expedition in the Portuguese Atlantic during recent weeks with support from the Foundation for the Third Millennium. Apart from important kelp forests, the international marine conservation organization documented deep-sea sponge fields, black coral forests, extensive oyster beds and over 100 different … Read more

Portugal: Gorringe Bank

The impressive Gorringe Seamount is located about 250 km southwest of Cape San Vicente. Its summit is located about 30 meters from the surface and its base is over 5,000 meters deep, so you can find a variety of species living in areas near the sea illuminated surface to those living in dark depths. In … Read more

Portugal: Natura 2000 Network

Like any other EU country, Portugal has to comply with European regulations. The Habitats Directive requires all Member States to establish Marine Protected Areas (MPA) to form part of the EU’s Natura 2000  by the year 2012, thus creating an ecologically coherent set of areas of whose conservation is of critical community importance. The expansion … Read more

Portugal: Overview

If any European country has the most ties to the ocean, it is undoubtedly Portugal. Yet, despite having the largest marine area in the EU, and the largest number of seamounts in the Northeast Atlantic, currently only three seamounts in this country’s waters (Banco D. João de Castro, Menez Gwen and Lucky Strike ), all … Read more

Oceana urges Portugal to expand the Natura 2000 Network to protect its seamounts

In 2005, Oceana was the first organisation to photograph and take video footage of the Gorringe Bank seamounts, southeast of Cape St. Vincent, identifying 36 species that had never been seen before on these mountains. The international marine conservation organisation Oceana urges the Portuguese government to expand the Natura 2000 Network and protect its seamounts.  … Read more