2005-2015: Twenty expeditions in just one decade

What is the best month to go on an expedition? Well, that depends on where you want to go and what you want to see. If you check Oceana in Europe’s website or our recently launched story map, you’ll discover the answer is actually any month – apart from December. Since 2005, we have organised … Read more

Patagonia: Species at Risk

Stony Corals (Scleractinia) Chilean fjords contain robust communities of solitary stony corals, which cover banks of the northern fjords at densities never before observed in other parts of the country. Three species of stony coral live in the fjords: Desmophyllum dianthus, Caryophyllia huinayensis and Tethocyathus endesa. Chilean fjords offer scientists a rare opportunity to study … Read more

Patagonia: What Oceana Does

Oceana is working to establish a Marine Protected Area in Tortel, Patagonia, to stop the expansion of destructive industries, particularly salmon aquaculture, into the pristine fjords. Oceana has completed several expeditions to the fjords of Tortel, which resulted in underwater photography, an HD documentary and the documentation of the area’s biodiversity using an ROV. In … Read more

Patagonia: Overview

The Chilean coast stretches over 4,000 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean with extreme climates at either end. In the north is the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth, and to the south are the fjords of Patagonia. Beyond the breathtaking scenery reflected in the placid surface of a Chilean fjord lives a … Read more

Patagonia: Overview

In fall 2008, Oceana embarked on two expeditions to the cold-water fjords of Chilean Ptagonia surrounding the community of Tortel. The team’s goals were to gather information about the species that inhabit the fjords, with the ultimate goal being to establish a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the region. Using an underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV), … Read more