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Oceana Ranger Expedition 2012: Exploring Ocean Depths

The 2012 Ranger expedition will document the deep areas of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Our underwater robot (ROV) will take video footage and high resolution photographs of the underwater flora, fauna and habitats. The on board team will make initial recordings and in the next few months Oceana scientists will identify and describe recorded species … Read more

Final preparations for the expedition

We are in Castellón, in the port of Burriana, finishing the final preparations to set sail on Sunday to Faro (Portugal). We have about four days of sailing – some 600 miles – to our destination, where we will begin this year’s Oceana Ranger campaign.      

Out of the dry dock and into the water

The Oceana Ranger has now left the dry dock where it has spent the last few months. The research catamaran departed for Burriana (Castellón), from the shipyard in Valencia, with a skeleton crew to load up with supplies and take care of the finishing touches. Next week, scientists, divers and the underwater robot (ROV) operators … Read more