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Several common bottlenose dolphins to the W, again

Last year, when we were working in the same area –the western half of the area designated to be studied within the framework of the LIFE+INDEMARES Project–, we also found groups of common bottlenose dolphins, swimming, resting or feeding. This time, we saw two groups of at least 15 individuals, something similar to what we … Read more

Deep-sea sharks at the seamount

Divers We start the day with a dive off Punta de Baños, a place also known as “Culo de perro.” The seamount is pretty interesting because its southern slope rises two or three meters from the sea bed, harboring numerous gorgonians Leptogorgia sasarmentosa and many other species we’ll describe when we analyze the images taken … Read more

Old reefs north of the seamount

Because of the wind yesterday, we have a strong swell when we set sail to the seamount, but it won’t be a problem because the weather forecast for today is good, so we count on the conditions improving throughout the day. ROV dives We reach today’s first study area around 9:00, the northern slope of … Read more

04 July 2011

After various days “ROVing” off Cape St. Vincent and sleeping anchored in the Sagres inlet, we decide to change our plans: since we weren’t going to be able to go to Gorringe for a while, we would set sail toward the Mediterranean again. We need to get some work done in the Alboran Sea and, … Read more

The 2011 Expedition begins

This year, Oceana’s campaign onboard the Ranger begins in Portugal, studying the sea beds of various seamounts located in Portuguese waters. One of the most impressive seamounts in the world rises from the sea bed roughly 160 nautical miles southeast of Cape St. Vincent: Gorringe. From its peak, only 30 meters from the surface, it … Read more

Oceana Ranger sets sail to the seamounts and underwater canyons of the Mediterranean and Atlantic

The two-month expedition will cover various countries and include work for the LIFE+ INDEMARES European project. Today, Oceana launched its 2011 Expedition with the departure of the Oceana Ranger research catamaran from the port of Burriana (Spain). The two-month expedition will cover various Mediterranean and Atlantic countries to study seamounts and underwater canyons. Despite their … Read more

Setting sail with the Oceana Ranger

It’s the summer of expeditions here at Oceana Europe! A couple of weeks ago the Oceana Hanse Explorer pulled into port in Copenhagen after spending 2 months exploring the Baltic Sea and today, the Oceana Ranger kicked off its 2 month expedition through the Mediterranean and the Atlantic! This time, the annual Ranger expedition will … Read more