Doñana and the Gulf of Cadiz

For thousands of years, the Gulf of Cádiz has been known for its ecological importance, as seen in ancient clasical texts mentioning the abundance of its fisheries and the presence of numerous animal species. From the fantastic stories of Strabo, who defined tuna as the “pigs of the sea” because they would feed off the … Read more

Oceana Discovers Many of the Most Threatened Habitats in the Mediterranean on the Seamounts of the Balearic Islands

The international marine conservation organization’s research catamaran, the Oceana Ranger, in collaboration with Fundación Biodiversidad, has just finished an expedition in Palma de Mallorca. The odyssey lasted almost three months, of which the last two weeks were spent in the Balearic Islands. Oceana has discovered many of the most threatened ecosystems of the Mediterranean among … Read more

Oceana advocates for the creation of 80,000 marine protected hectares off Doñana

Oceana is proposing the creation of a new marine protected area in Andalusia that would extend the number of protected hectares off Doñana National Park and nearby waters from 4,000 to 80,000. The international marine conservation organization, now in its forth year in the area and in collaborating with Fundación Biodiversidad, has found endangered species … Read more

Crossing Almerimar – Seco de Palos

Today began with preparations for the crossing: last minute shopping, paying the bills, returning the keys to the toilets and showers – and taking the last normal shower for seven days:-) The plan for the coming week is to work with the ROV at Seco de Palos, 30 miles east of Cabo de Palos. It … Read more

Monday. The day after

A day off. The day after the World Cup final. Nothing was a dream. Spain is World Champion! Holland lost yet another final 🙁 Yesterday we celebrated together, just as we promised – no matter who won. A day off. It sounds great. It was great. But it didn´t mean no work had to be … Read more