EU ministers reject calls for sustainable catch limits in Atlantic waters

The EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council reached an agreement early Wednesday morning on 2019 fishing limits for commercial stocks in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. After all-night negotiations, the number of catch limits for EU fish stocks set at a sustainable level have increased from 53 to just 59 compared to 2018. Oceana … Read more

EU Parliament votes to overfish the Atlantic Ocean

The European Parliament has today voted to water down its commitments made in 2013 to reform fisheries in the European Union (EU) and to manage all the bloc’s fisheries sustainably. MEPs, in a plenary session, favoured fishing at levels that still make overfishing possible, a move criticised by Oceana. Lasse Gustavsson, executive director for Oceana … Read more

NGO Oceana opens office in London to protect UK seas and marine life

London becomes ocean organisation’s latest expansion TV host Patrick Aryee and ocean advocate Alexandra Cousteau attend UK opening Oceana – the largest international ocean advocacy organisation – held a welcome event last Friday at The Hospital Club to celebrate the opening of the organisation’s office in London and strengthen Oceana’s policy and research work to … Read more

Oceana launches interactive platform to calculate benefits of sustainable fishing

A new interactive tool launched today by Oceana explores the potential socio-economic benefits of European Union (EU) countries moving away from current fishing practices. The launch comes ahead of a fisheries seminar organised by the European Commission on 14th September, which marks the start of discussions on fishing limits in 2019 for the Baltic, Deep-sea … Read more

Transition to sustainable fishing could land the UK nearly 30% more fish

Oceana released a new socio-economic report today, which finds that the UK is losing out on the opportunity for more food, jobs and money from its fisheries. The findings, presented at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), reveal a possible 27% rise in fish catches (153,000 tonnes more) for the UK fishing … Read more