People exposed to high levels of mercury in fish can experience health effects such as delayed neurological development in children. Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency have advised women of childbearing age and children not to eat certain types of fish due to high levels of mercury. Elevated mercury levels … Read more

Oceana detects mercury-contaminated fish in Menorca (Balearic Islands)

The dumping of mercury-contaminated dredged material from the port of Maó into the sea would be an irresponsible act that is a hazard to health and fishing activity. Oceana has detected mercury contamination in samples of monkfish and scorpion fish fished in the island of Menorca (Balearic Islands), in the Maó area. In the case … Read more

Oceana denounces before UNESCO the dumping of polluted waste from Maó

The dumping of the waste into the sea will affect fishing activity, human health, the quality of bathing water, and the conservation of marine ecosystems. Oceana sent today to the Paris headquarters of UNESCO, the body in charge of Biosphere Reserves, a complaint against the project of dumping into the sea the waste materials from … Read more

The UN goes for an international mercury convention

This week, diplomats are in Geneva negotiating a treaty on global mercury emissions. Mercury poisoning is no joke – as this Guardian article states, mercury is “a lethal neurotoxin that includes, among an inventory of grim effects, brain damage and the loss of IQ points in unborn children, injuries to kidneys and heart, and results … Read more

Mercury rising: Seafood contamination and a consumer’s right to know

Mercury contamination in popular fish, industrial waste leaking into our oceans, years long legal battles to gain access to public information being kept hidden by the government – it sounds like the plot of a movie, but unfortunately, it’s just what we’ve been dealing with in our latest battle against seafood contamination in Spain and … Read more

Mercury: Overview

Mercury is a dangerous chemical, finding its way into the oceans and the seafood we eat. Mercury released to the environment from industrial sources ends up in our oceans, contaminating seafood. Because it builds up in wildlife through a process called bioaccumulation, animals high on the food chain carry the most mercury. Many of the … Read more