Oceana discovers a “forest” of corals and sea fan in Andalusia

Dolphins, pilot whales and sea turtles are frequent visitors to this important marine area of immense ecological value for which Oceana requests protection During the past weeks, the specialists aboard the Oceana Ranger research vessel, with the help from a submarine robot (ROV) and in collaboration with the Biodiversity Foundation, have examined the marine life … Read more

Oceana warns of suspicious interactions between italian driftnetters and purse-seiners at tuna-fattering farms in sicilian waters

During the Oceana Ranger’s recent expedition in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the crew on board the environmental organisation’s catamaran witnessed an interaction between illegal driftnetters and large purse-seiners congregating around the tuna fattening cages to the north of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily. This situation could well be taking place at other tuna-fattening farms. Once the … Read more

Oceana intercepts two italian boats fishing with illegal driftnets

Last Friday, the research catamaran Oceana Ranger intercepted two boats using driftnets, which were fishing making use of that gear, which is prohibited by the European Union, and which even violates the contradictory Italian legislation.  The Oceana boat was anchored in the port of Ponza in the late afternoon of last Thursday when it observed … Read more

Spanish musician Miguel Bosé boards the Oceana Ranger to combat drfitnet use

Miguel Bose participated for a week in the actitivities of Oceana, the international conservation organisation. The singer joined the catamaran, Oceana Ranger, during its stay in the Corsican harbour of Bastia, to work with its crew of biologists, divers and campaigners. He joined the Ranger directly from Peru where, for the previous weeks, he had … Read more

Oceana patrolling the Mediterranean in search of illegal drifnetters

At midnight Oceana’s research catamaran left the harbour of Portoferraio in Elba and headed to the fishing grounds of the Western Mediterranean, where a fleet of dozens of Italian fishing boats continue to use driftnets, in defiance of the European Union ban. Driftnets were banned from 2002 because of their total lack of selectivity and … Read more