Distribution and swimming ability of the deep-sea holothuroid Penilpidia ludwigi (Holothuroidea: Elasipodida: Elpidiidae)

The deep-sea elpidiid holothuroid, Penilpidia ludwigi, was recorded using a Remotely Operated Vehicle in the Western, Central, and Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This species, endemic to the basin, was previously captured above the seabed in sediment traps and based on these records its swimming ability was assumed. The present study reports the first in situ observations of … Read more

EU Mediterranean plan to allow trawling in fish nurseries

The European Parliament approved today in a plenary vote the first multiannual plan for demersal stocks (fish that live and feed near the sea bottom) for the Western Mediterranean Sea. With 461 votes in favor and 62 against, the legal obligation of reaching sustainable fishing by 2020 at the latest, as agreed under the Common Fisheries … Read more

Aggregated Clumps of Lithistid Sponges: A Singular, Reef-Like Bathyal Habitat with Relevant Paleontological Connections

The advent of deep-sea exploration using video cameras has uncovered extensive sponge aggregations in virtually all oceans. Yet, a distinct type is herein reported from the Mediterranean: a monospecific reef-like formation built by the lithistid demosponge Leiodermatium pfeifferae. Erect, plate-like individuals (up to 80 cm) form bulky clumps, making up to 1.8 m high mounds … Read more

Mallorca Channel

These seamounts also harbor a variety of habitats that should be protected given their high productivity and/or degree of threat, such as coralline beds, bamboo coral beds, rhodolith beds and deep-sea sponge fields, among others. In addition, species of commercial interest like crabs and fish depend on habitats located in this area and some of … Read more

2005-2015: Twenty expeditions in just one decade

What is the best month to go on an expedition? Well, that depends on where you want to go and what you want to see. If you check Oceana in Europe’s website or our recently launched story map, you’ll discover the answer is actually any month – apart from December. Since 2005, we have organised … Read more

Seamounts: biodiversity hotspots deep beneath the waves

If you follow our work, you may have picked up on the fact that we have a thing for seamounts – we’ll admit it, it’s a bit of an obsession. What is it about seamounts that tickles our fancy? High biodiversity? Check Marine mammals and top predators? Check Productive ecosystems that include essential/sensitive habitats? Check … Read more