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Adrift! Swordfish and driftnets in the Mediterranean Sea

In 2008, Oceana and MarViva collaborated in a campaign to definitively eliminate the use of driftnets in the  Mediterranean. Banned by the United Nations more than 15 years ago, this gear is still being used and constitutes a serious threat for cetaceans, turtles and sharks. This fishery mainly targets the already overexploited swordfish stock which … Read more

Acid Test: Can We Save Our Oceans From CO2?

Climate change is now widely recognized as the most significant environmental challenge of our time. This does not just mean that the environment or ‘nature’ is in danger. We too will suffer the consequences. We are inherently inseparable from the environment around us and are reliant upon the services it provides, from the air we … Read more

Bluefin Tuna Larval Survey

The Oceana-MarViva project represented a new effort in the Mediterranean in defense of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) (BFT), one of the most important commercial species living in the Mediterranean Sea1. According to the last stock assessments carried out by the Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (SCRS) of the International Commission for … Read more