‘Blue Forests’: Our Allies against Climate Change

Below the water’s surface, are 17 000 species that can potentially help us in the fight against climate change that are, oddly enough, being overlooked: these are of course, the algae. Just like any other plant, algae use CO2 for photosynthesis, and thus, absorb a great amount of this greenhouse gas. And that is what brings … Read more

Towards a Mediterranean network of EFH

One of the aspects behind the critical situation of Mediterranean stocks is the high exploitation rate of juveniles in many demersal fi sheries. The fisheries management in place today has brought most of assessed stocks outside safe biological limits (FAO, 2017) and some of them face a high risk of biological collapse, such ascommercially-important hake … Read more

NGO Oceana opens office in London to protect UK seas and marine life

London becomes ocean organisation’s latest expansion TV host Patrick Aryee and ocean advocate Alexandra Cousteau attend UK opening Oceana – the largest international ocean advocacy organisation – held a welcome event last Friday at The Hospital Club to celebrate the opening of the organisation’s office in London and strengthen Oceana’s policy and research work to … Read more