EU nature law could be gamechanger for marine biodiversity, but will be meaningless if fisheries not properly addressed – NGO reaction

Today, the European Commission presented its legislative proposal on nature restoration, a new law with binding targets to restore degraded land and marine ecosystems across the EU. This is a major milestone to tackle the current biodiversity and climate crises and restore a healthy relationship between people and nature. We welcome the long-awaited publication of … Read more

Common Fisheries Policy: Don’t change it, use it!

The right tool exists to save our ocean. Let’s use it. Whet your appetite? Find out more below:     Every job needs the right tool. When the job is rebuilding healthy and abundant European seas, the very tool we need already exists. The EU’s Common Fisheries Policy is still the right tool to save … Read more

Oceana highlights more work needed to end overfishing in European waters and to take into account ecosystem considerations

Good progress in Atlantic, but slower in Mediterranean   Oceana recommends measures for most depleted stocks and forage fish  Brussels – Reacting to today’s European Commission (EC) communication on the sustainability of EU fisheries and implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), Oceana welcomes the progress the EC and Member States have made to decrease the … Read more

Realising the ambition of the EU Biodiversity Strategy in the ocean

The ocean is key to tackling the climate and biodiversity emergencies Life on Earth depends on the ocean: no matter where you are, you depend on the ocean and its unique and rich biodiversity for the production of oxygen, food, energy, and the enormous amount of heat and carbon it absorbs. Yet, as United Nations … Read more

Common Fisheries Policy: Mission not yet accomplished

Summary Seven years after the last reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) entered into force, the EU, which has exclusive competence in this area, is yet to succeed in fulfilling its objectives. Implementation and enforcement challenges remain, often due to Member States’ inaction,  insufficient oversight by the European Commission  and industry resistance to change. … Read more

6 out of 10 UK fish are being overfished or are in a “critical” state

UK fisheries audit reveals status of fish stocks setting a baseline for evaluating future UK management decisions Oceana calls for urgent action to end overfishing to avoid the total collapse of cod   The UK fisheries audit released today by the largest international advocacy organisation dedicated solely to ocean conservation, Oceana, paints a disturbing picture … Read more