The campaign gets started (South Triton)

Tonight the expedition “2014 Atlantic Seamounts” started setting off from Playa Blanca (Lanzarote). After some ROV and shipment related issues, we headed to Triton Twin Mountains, also known as The Peanut Mountains, due to their particular shape. Navigation was tricky since a storm was approaching and the latest weather forecast indicated that it would strike … Read more

Canary Islands Expedition 2014: Overview

For the second time, Oceana carries out an expedition to the Canary Islands. This new at-sea campaign focuses on El Hierro island and aims at documenting its marine ecosystems in order to develop relevant policy efforts to push for the protection of the areas of study. The one-month expedition, carried out on board the Oceana … Read more

Canary Islands Expedition 2014

Best shots of the Canary Islands