Current Status and distribution of the Madreporaria Dendrophyllia laboreli in the Canaries, South Portugal and Mediterranean Sea

New records of the Dendrophylliidae species Dendrophyllia laboreli in the Mediterranean Sea (Alboran basin), South Portugal and also in the Canaries are biogeographically relevant. The presence in the Mediterranean Sea and the recent wide distribution towards new locations in Canary Islands of such species is discussed in relation to the climatic fluctuations. In the Canaries … Read more

Underwater seismic activity in the Canary Islands

Since mid-July, seismic activity has been detected around El Hierro (one of the Canary Islands) with experts claiming over 9,600 earthquakes, most too mild to be felt, have occurred. Recent data, according to the news, is suggesting that yesterday morning there was in fact an underwater eruption at around 4:30 am local time, and gases … Read more