Launch of scientific expedition brings hope to threatened marine life in the Sound

Oceana surveys of strait shared by Denmark and Sweden will document threats to fragile marine communities and provide solid foundation for developing ambitious transnational MPA Today, Oceana launches a research expedition in the Sound to document its fragile marine habitats and species and reveal the effects of the human activities threatening this biodiversity. Located between … Read more

New EU deal allows overfishing to continue in the Baltic Sea

Last night the European Parliament, Council of Ministers and Commission reached a disappointing political agreement on the multiannual management plan covering the stocks of cod, herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea. The plan in its current form allows for the continued overfishing of the most important Baltic stocks essentially making the CFP’s commitment to … Read more

Protection of 69 threatened species in the Baltic Sea blocked by Denmark

Three years of work by 88 leading experts were effectively scrapped during the 37th Annual Meeting of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) last Friday, when countries approved a heavily weakened version of a plan to protect and rebuild the most threatened Baltic Sea and Kattegat species. Oceana denounces Denmark as the sole culprit that has effectively … Read more

One country against 69 species threatened with extinction

What was initially conceived as a unifying initiative to protect threatened species in the Baltic Sea and Kattegat has quickly evolved into one country’s crusade to prevent marine protection in the region. It all began in 2007 when contracting parties to HELCOM, the governing body of the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment … Read more

2005-2015: Twenty expeditions in just one decade

What is the best month to go on an expedition? Well, that depends on where you want to go and what you want to see. If you check Oceana in Europe’s website or our recently launched story map, you’ll discover the answer is actually any month – apart from December. Since 2005, we have organised … Read more

Baltic cod loses sustainable certification

Today, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has suspended its certificates for all Eastern Baltic cod fisheries. Oceana, having previously warned about the bad condition of Baltic cod stocks, supports the decision and urges EU member states to react appropriately and adopt a sustainable long-term management plan consistent with the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy. … Read more

Oceana proposals for Baltic Sea and Kattegat

Several scientific studies provide proof of the successes of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in enhancing biodiversity and benefiting sea life and habitats (e.g. FAO 2012 and references therein). MPAs provide species and habitats a place to rebuild and flourish; and they are also needed to maintain and restore (when possible) the damaged ecosystems. The areas … Read more

EU fisheries ministers undermine sustainable fishing in the Baltic

Oceana condemns the decision by the EU Fisheries Council on Baltic catch limits for 2016   Today, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of the EU reached an agreement on the 2016 total allowable catches (TAC) for the Baltic Sea fish stocks. Regretfully, just like the last year, European ministers have yet again decided to ignore scientific advice … Read more

Oceana urges EU fisheries ministers to rebuild Baltic stocks by applying science

On 22nd of October, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of the EU will gather in Luxembourg to begin their annual negotiations on catch limits for the Baltic Sea in 2016.  Oceana releases today science-based recommendations for setting Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and quotas in the region to rebuild overexploited fisheries. The organization has called the Council … Read more