Oceana discovers new areas of coral on the seamounts of the Balearic Islands

The international marine conservation organization has also documented a great biological wealth in the funds of Sa Dragonera, which should be kept The international organization of Oceana marine conservation has published a report with the results of its 2014 Balearic Islands expedition, on the seamounts of the channel of Mallorca (Ausiàs March, Emile Baudot and … Read more

Evolución de la pesca en Baleares en el último siglo

Realizamos una estimación de las capturas totales reales de las Islas Baleares, obteniendo un resultado de 570.500 t desde 1950 a 2010. Los desembarques oficiales representaron un 44%, seguido por los desembarques que se venden en el “mercado negro” (24%), descartes (18%), pesca recreativa (10%) y pesca de subsistencia (4%). Teniendo en cuenta que las capturas oficiales fueron para ese periodo 248.000 t, las capturas reales … Read more

Oceana launches an expedition to Cabrera and the Balearic seamounts

This morning, Oceana launched an expedition to document three seamounts that lie between the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, as well as the Fort d’en Moreu which is a coralligenous reef to the East of the Cabrera archipelago; all of which belong to the Balearic Islands. The international marine conservation organization will capture footage … Read more

Oceana applauds protection of 40,000 hectares in Cabrera and the Balearic Islands

Oceana applauds yesterday’s decision by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, to protect the Émile Baudot and Ausiàs March seamounts as well as the Fort d’en Moreu coral reef. The international marine conservation organization spent years documenting these seabeds and actively campaigning for the Spanish and Balearic governments to protect these highly ecologically valuable … Read more

Oceana requests the immediate convening of the Cabrera board of trustees

The lack of meetings hampers the control and monitoring of the decisions taken and the prevention of illegal fishing activities that affect the park. Oceana requests the convening, without further delay, of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Cabrera National Park which was scheduled for December 2013. The international marine conservation organisation … Read more