Alexandra Cousteau to Bauzá: There is still time for this regional government to be the one that expands the Cabrera park

Oceana demonstrates its willingness to work with the Regional Government, the scientific institutions and the fishing industry to protect the waters around the park. Oceana has released a message from Alexandra Cousteau in which the granddaughter of the famous explorer reminds the president of the Balearic Regional Government of his promise to study the expansion … Read more

Oceana to send evidence of illegal fishing in Cabrera to the EU

Oceana has documented the presence of these protected habitats in areas devastated by illegal fishing gears around Cabrera (Balearic Islands) Oceana will send to the EU evidence found of illegal fishing activity in the area surrounding Cabrera and south Majorca, filing a claim against Spain for breach of the  Council Regulation (EC) No. 1967/2006 for … Read more

Happy birthday, Cabrera!

Spain’s National Park of Cabrera turns 22 years old today and we’re very happy to say that its creation has been worthwhile. There is enough evidence to show that sea creatures within the protected area grow larger and spawn more, and this wildlife ‘factory’ is a great help when it comes to restoring the surrounding … Read more

Alexandra Cousteau will visit Cabrera to support the enlargement of the National Park

Oceana proposes multiplying by 10 the protected surface, including sensitive habitats and endangered species that lie beyond the park boundaries. Alexandra Cousteau, Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter and an Oceana advisor, has travelled to the Balearics to support the proposal for the enlargement of the Cabrera National Park. The visit will take place 36 years after the … Read more

Scientists speak out against the Balearic debacle

What has to happen in a few months in a relatively small area – 5,000 sqkm- for 180 scientists from different organizations to sign a joint document and send it to media? Many things, and none of them good: drastic budget cuts for protected areas, redundancies that dismantle effective teams, destruction of years-long work…   All … Read more