Oceana scientists concerned about high contamination in aquaculture salmon

Eating two fillets of farmed salmon a week exceeds safety World Health Organization limits. Oceana demands action from the EU to eradicate aquaculture contamination and regularize production of carnivorous fish. Just eating two fillets of farmed salmon a month is enough for a human being to intake an amount of organic contaminants that exceeds the … Read more

Ending excessive antibiotic use in Chilean salmon farms

After campaigning by Oceana, the Chilean government committed to ending the excessive use of antibiotics in salmon farms. This will stop the overuse of antibiotics created for human health, end the overpopulation of salmon pens, lessen the amount of waste and salmon released into the marine environment and slow down the expansion of the industry … Read more

Ending backroom deals in fisheries

Oceana’s lawyers won a change in the rules for fishery policy-making in Chile that will stop government officials from keeping secrets. Now they must publicly disclose the information they use to set quotas and other rules for commercial fishing companies operating along Chile’s massive coastline.