Balearic Islands: Ibiza Channel

The seamounts of the Ibiza Channel are virtually unexplored.



Logo Fundacion BiodiversidadThe seamounts of the Ibiza Channel are virtually unexplored. Until very recently only geological data existed of these elevations, which are distributed between the Balearic Islands and the Valencian coast. Oceana captured the first images of life on these seamounts, and contributed data to the Spanish Inventory of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, in collaboration with Fundación Biodiversidad.


Especies identificadas en las montañas del Canal de IbizaOceana focused primarily on two seamounts, Nao Mound and Morrot de Formentera. In the former, we found deep gorgonian gardens and crustaceans of commercial interest, while Morrot boasted an abundance of fish and the presence of ancient cold water coral reefs. Both seamounts host  habitats and species that are subject to protection under laws currently in force – underscoring the high ecological value of seamounts in general.

The images of the relevant species, and general information about the area, can be accessed  interactively through Google Earth. The data has been included in our web viewer of endangered species and habitats.

Oceana contributes to the advancement knowledge of the marine environment as a first step towards advancing ocean conservation.