For the ocean: Oceana and La Pizza é Bella join forces!


Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation, and La Pizza é Bella—voted the number one pizzeria in Belgium and the fifth in Europe—are proud to announce their collaboration with one thing in mind: to save the ocean while enjoying delicious pizza and other popular Italian foods.

With three venues located in central Brussels (La Pizza é Bella Sablon, La Pizza é Bella Gourmet, and La Pizza è Bella Cocktail), the celebrated restaurant group is working alongside Oceana to raise public awareness about the importance of our ocean and the continual man-made threats it faces, like overfishing, pollution, and the destruction of marine habitats.

Pizza and the ocean

Interestingly, pizza and the ocean are historically interconnected: The story goes back to the 1720s when the first “pizza marinara” was created in the port city of Naples. At that time, sailors and other seafarers needed a food that would survive many days at sea without spoiling, and the simple, but highly nourishing “pizza marinera” (“marinara” coming from the Italian word “marinaro”, or “sailor” in English) was created—no meat, no cheese, just plain pita bread covered in a hearty tomato sauce.  

By joining forces with Oceana, La Pizza é Bella is committed to sharing Oceana’s core philosophy of saving the ocean and feeding the world by maintaining this strong connection with its namesake food and our seas, as well as the lives of the many people that depend on a healthy ocean.

How can you help save the ocean?

Saving the ocean is simple as following Oceana and La Pizza é Bella on social media, where you can add your voice to our joint ocean initiatives. Also, be sure to check this site out periodically to learn more about future events and other activities!

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