Vote for Oceana


National GeographicOceana is participating in a fantastic contest organized by National Geographic Germany!

Oceana could win 30.000€, a great help to support our campaigns to protect threatened habitats in wild areas: the Balearic Island’s seamounts.

These seamounts are especially relevant for beautiful species like pilot whales, dolphins, and high-commercial-value species that reproduce, feed or interact in this area, such as bluefin tuna or swordfish. Oceana has also found in this seamounts threatened species included in internationals conventions such as black coral which can live up to 2.300 years, carnivorous sponges and tritons, bamboo coral, large and varied fields of gorgonians and the swimming sea cucumber. Unfortunately, the Balearic seamounts are dangerously threatened by industrial overfishing and other activities that threaten their biodiversity and resources’ recovery.

Vote for Oceana and its project to protect the amazing Balearic Seamounts marine ecosystem, by visiting this web page (in german):

Spread the word, invite your friends to participate and vote for Oceana!

Deadline: 20th April!