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Atún rojo

Fauna y flora marina: Atún rojo

El atún rojo del Atlántico (Thunnus thynnus) es una especie emblemática a la que la sobrepesca (sobre todo debido a la pesca de cerco industrial para su engorde en jaulas) y el comercio internacional han llevado al borde del colapso.

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Junio, 2010

Bluefin Tuna Season Cut Short Again

After continuous campaign work by Oceana, in early June the European Commission closed the bluefin tuna purse seine fishery early for a third year in a row, further confirming the overcapacity of the fishing fleet. The assigned quota was reached one week earlier than expected, and the Commission’s decision came despite the fleet reduction plans implemented and the absence of the Italian fleet in the seas.

Bluefin tuna stocks are nearing collapse due to overfishing and illegal fishing; stocks have decreased by 80% from existing levels before the industrial fishing era.

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