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Jesus gets up really early to go running before we all start working at 7:30. Cris sometimes has a swim in the morning in a small cove nearby. Pisha drinks a cup of coffee for breakfast (with plenty of condensed milk). Kike hates onions. Tomas is a vegetarian. Yaiza just returned from the Caribbean and knows how to make macramé. Ramón studies English in his leisure time. Carlos hates jelly. When James was 28, he created a gold mining company in Africa, where he lived for 10 years. Albert is always hungry.  The captain´s mother is Italian. Riki makes a superb impression of Donald Duck. Gradually, the routine and life on board makes us all get to know each other since inevitably, we spend many hours together. Our work produces an interaction filled with “sorry, coming”, “fetch me that stuff” or “dibs”. The work and rest space, the kitchen, the dining room, the library, the laboratory, the robotics area, etc. are all packed into the 21m long X 10m beam of the Ranger.

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