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Difficulty – low

20 min 14 servings


2kg tomatoes //350g dried bread // 200g olive oil //3 garlic cloves // a pinch of salt // Spanish ham// quail eggs or chicken eggs

1. Clean and mash the tomatoes, strain to remove the skin and seeds, mash again adding the bread, oil, garlic and salt.
2. Decorate with boiled eggs (chicken or quail), diced ham and olive oil droplets.

Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!
6: 15h: The alarm clock goes off, off to work then! It starts looking like breakfast time on the table while the roaring sounds of the Ranger begin, the first steps on deck can be heard, the crew is waking up …
7: 30h: We set sail! From the kitchen I see the transformation of the table that is now crowded with computers and a change in the topic of conversations
I open the fridge and pantries, and the ideas that were simmering the night before start boiling in my head, the festival begins! We have a vegetarian, an onions enemy and a roasted suckling pig lover, this is becoming complicated!
11: 00h: “Amaiketako” a little snack to keep them happy.
13: 00h: Food is ready !!!
ON AGAIN! Bon Apetit!

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