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ICCAT: Swordfish

The number of swordfish in the Mediterranean is in now a critical state. Decades of overfishing and a chronic lack of management and recovery plans to rebuild stocks have led to a 70% drop in the amount of swordfish in the Med. Sea.


The swordfish is an iconic, fast-swimming and peculiar predator of the Mediterranean Sea. Its fishery contributes significantly to the socio-economic activity in the Mediterranean region-especially in Greece, Italy and Spain-where swordfish is consumed the most. When sold fresh, its price tag can reach up to €24 per kilo.

However, the number of a Mediterranean swordfish has plummeted to critical levels. More than 3 decades of overfishing swordfish in this area has left stocks at only 30% in 2016, with no sign of a recovery.

Many swordfish caught in these waters are too young (juvenile, in fishing terms) to be able to reproduce, putting the long-term sustainability of swordfish at great risk.



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