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On Board the Marviva Med 2008

A six-month expedition that documented IUU and destructful fishing and marine habitats in the Mediterranean

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Carried out in collaboration with the MarViva Foundation, the Marviva Med expedition documented illegal fishing of the severely overfished bluefin tuna, the impact of bottom trawling and driftnets on marine ecosystems and to identify marine areas that need protection in the Mediterranean.

Oceana recorded powerful images of bluefin tuna fattening pens and documented purse seiners illegally using spotter planes. The expedition also verified that the French vessels caught in 2007 for using driftnets to catch immature bluefin tuna were no longer using the gear and exposed that Italian driftnetters using these banned nets.

As a result of work done on and following the expedition, the European Union ended the bluefin tuna fishing season several weeks early for most of the Mediterranean's purse seine fleet, a move which saved up to 100,000 bluefin in 2008 alone. For the first time, the Spanish Parliament considered creating a bluefin tuna reserve south of the Balearic Islands, a critical spawning area for the fish.

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