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Humpedback Angler Fish (courtesy of Clark)We all know that our oceans are home to a dazzling and diverse array of animals like dolphins, whales, fish and corals. But have you heard of ghost shrimp, giant spiny lobster, yeti crab or xenophyophores? These are just a few of many recently discovered species in our oceans, unveiled by the Census of Marine Life. In a span of ten years, more than 6000 potentially new species have been discovered in this global effort to determine the extent of biodiversity in our oceans.

It seems there is no limit to the extreme environments these strange, brave creatures call home. Many nooks and crannies of our oceans are occupied – including rocky seamount slopes, deep ocean trenches devoid of light,

You may remember when we introduced you to our new office in Copenhagen. Well the good news keeps on coming!

 A few days ago, we launched a 2 month long Baltic Sea expedition – and we want you to be able to share in the experience. That is why we’ve created a special section of our website that will include the latest pictures and updates, including on-board diaries, from our experts!

OCEANASo here’s the deal: Oceana is participating in a contest hosted by National Geographic Germany – and we need your help for a chance to win €30,000 for our work to protect the Balearic Seamounts.

Since some of you may not speak German, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of what you need to do to vote for our project: