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We’ve been slacking on our Friday meet & greet blogs that introduce you to some cool species. But after a summer of expedition, in the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, our photo albums are bursting at the seams, full of beautiful and interesting creatures.

So without further ado, meet a striped Seasnail (Liparis liparis). We found this little one in the Bubbling Reefs of Hirsholmene Marine Reserve in the Kattegat Sea (Denmark).

Remember Vidal? Despite their well-known illegal activities since the nineties and the blacklisting of several IUU fishing vessels, linked to Vidal Armadores, Vidal companies have received millions of Euros of fishing subsidies from the local government of Galicia, the Spanish fisheries ministry and the European Union, since 2002.

Last week was a good week for us at Oceana as we closed the month of September with a bang! It’s been a month of victories and good for our work here in Europe, and there is nothing more rewarding than realizing that our efforts are actually making a difference. We therefore thought we’d highlight a couple for you.