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Over the last year and months, we seem to have been asking ourselves this question more than any other time in our lives. The rapid expansion of plastics around us has already caused so much damage to our oceans, marine animals and to us, as humans.  What was once a far-fetched idea, has now become our everyday reality.

After enjoying our day off on Salina Island, today we welcomed aboard Patrick and Ben, from the BBC.

Throughout the day they were able to see how we work on board, and equally, we got to see how they work as well.

In short, like always, another great day aboard the Ranger.


The main objective of the EU Regulation to end IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing is to prevent, deter and eliminate trade of fisheries products originating from IUU fishing activity and stop their access to the EU markets. The IUU Regulation is the most ambitious law to fight IUU fishing globally and this year we celebrate the 10th anniversary since its adoption.