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Last night FC Barcelona won the Champions league. That is the only interesting event I can recall from the last 24 hours that hasn’t been as exciting as I would have expected. Still, the ROV went over more than one kilometer -  at depths of 954m -this might appear easy, but it is actually tough work to go through. But days like these come along: tons of mud, a lot of stones and barely an animal to spot. It is not exactly “fun”, but as our scientists wisely say: “Science moves forward this way, it is as important to find an area full of life as it is to confirm its scarcity somewhere else”. Everything is pretty useful data since it helps us understand marine ecosystems in such a way that we can later determine how it must be protected. I agree, but if I got to choose, I´d rather have one of the “other” days awaiting tomorrow.

© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell

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