Roque del Este, Lanzarote. October 8, 2009 | Oceana Europe
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Today, we began working west of Isla Graciosa. The divers explored La Burrera

in Punta Gorda early this morning. Thanks to their description of Chinijo, we confirmed the effects of conservation produced by marine reserves: large quantities of seagrass, high levels of diversity among fish species and large banks of fish.

The ROV was submerged in Roques del Este. Although this was one of the shortest dives in our entire campaign, we were able to document two new species of fish in just one hour: an Atlantic spotted flounder (Citharus linguatula) and a species from the Anthomastus family different from the ones seen during other dives.

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Montaña Clara, La Graciosa, Archipiélago Chinijo, Lanzarote. 7 de octubre de 2009

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