Puerto Calero. October 9, 2009 | Oceana Europe
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Yesterday, we dove for the last time in the Canary Islands, so now we are organising our trip back home and waiting for the winds to calm down so we can work for a few days on the Dacia and Concepción seamounts.

Some of us took advantage of our day off in Puerto Calero to organise the trip (last chance to shop before we set sail because we estimate we’ll be at sea for at least 5 days), others to rest or get to know the towns, and others to go diving for the last time in the Canary Islands.

We received a visit from Silvia González Ruiz, the coordinator of the Marine Reserve of La Graciosa and northern islands of Lanzarote, and Beatriz Ayala, representing WWF/Adena in the Canary Islands. We talked with them about the different conservation initiatives being undertaken in the Canary Islands, about the important role played by the marine reserves in the protection of resources and about the work we’ve been developing in the islands during the last two months.

At night, we set sail from Puerto Calero and headed for the seamounts.

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