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Preparing our day.

We received the dry suits, because you can’t dive in these waters without them, departed from the port of Sanxenxo and headed towards Ons Island (in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands). We were delighted to find the seas were calm. During a one-hour dive, the 4 divers were able to document a wide variety of species facing Melida beach in Ons. These included, amongst others:

  • Sea slugs (Aplysia punctata) mating
  • John Dorys (Zeus faber)
  • Octopus (Octopus vulgaris)
  • Spiny starfish (Marthasterias glacialis)

ROV off the island of Ons.

NW coast

At 16:25, we submerged the ROV to 55 meters depth on the NW coast of the National Park, in order to document the life harboured by well-protected and managed waters.

At the end of the day, we held a meeting to review all the material collected. Later, when we finished filming, we gathered in the "sitting room" to comment on what we had seen and prepare our work for the next day. Once again, we were able to document a wide variety of species. When the campaign has concluded, we will compile the proposals for the extension of the Park’s boundaries to further protect these species.

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