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Today has been full of visits on-board the Ranger. The kind of visits that come and go, the kind that surprise you and the ones you long for. This morning, we had an unusual visit as a voice on-board shouted out loud, “Kike there’s a strange bird on the bow”! A huge, brown-coloured bird walked right in front of us; it was a purple heron, normally found in freshwater wetlands but had decided to venture offshore.

On our way to take Jorge back to port, who had been visiting us on the Ranger for a few days, we hoped to see some dolphins. And we did! A couple of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) came to say goodbye to Jorge!

The day also ended with another big visit! Allison is now here on-board. She came just in time to have dinner with us before spending her first night on the Ranger!



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