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Day one

© OCEANA / Enrique Talledo

Day one of our mission for the search of plastics started off at 08:00 hours with a hearty breakfast. We explored areas relatively close to Pobla Marina to test out our equipment, beginning with a deep-sea meadow. We dived in one end of the meadow, while the ROV explored the other. And, although we located some plastics, we decided that the search must continue. So, we went to an area with a sandy bottom, again, no luck: the water got rough, so we had to get back on board.

After lunch we set off again. We completed three dives in the same area and located some plastics, but as time passed, the wind picked up too, leaving us no choice but to return to port. Luckily, our experience out on the water today helped us pick out some areas where, with better visibility, we’d likely find more plastics. The day ended as it began, with an excellent meal in good company with rest of the team.

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