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Blog Posts by: Tore Hejl Holm-Hansen

After a successful press meeting yesterday, our expedition is now nearing its end. This means we are about to carry out the last few dives in the Sound. Sadly, as the previous entries in our diary have illuminated, the weather continues to be a challenge that we cannot ignore.

Today, we were again stuck at port due to a strong southern wind creating big swells and strong currents throughout the Sound. Instead, we spent the day trying to get back on track with collating the video material and data collected over the few past days.

After having a few days in port, due to rough weather we woke up this morning, excited to go to sea again. Sadly we were met by Michael from Sea-U who had bad news for us. The wind had picked up again, and we could see the waves building up outside the harbor. The conditions were still too rough to work with the ROV, so what could we do? It took us little time to decide: Send in the divers!

The Sound has always had a special meaning for me. As a boy, when I went rodfishing with my father for herring in the fall, when they gather in massive schools, or later when I as a student studied the unique biodiversity of fish in the Sound. So when the opportunity arose to be part of the movement to protect the rich nature of the Sound, my backyard, it was like a dream.