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Blog Posts by: Pilar Marín

Today we’re dedicating the whole day to exploring the Beirut Canyon and we’re starting early. We’ve planned a dive in the deepest area (between 500-600 metres) and another one in a more shallow area (60-120 metres) at the top of the Canyon. But we also want to find what they call here the “shark trench” where they say there is a bull shark. As we set off for our destination with the port behind us, a spectacular sunrise over the skyline in Beirut which could easily be the Manhattan of the Mediterranean.

Today was a kind of strange day. For those who have been on-board since the start it’s a day off and, for those like me and Javier Camarena who are new to the expedition, it’s a day spent doing paperwork in the port.

Jorge passed the torch to me so I could continue to help Riki and now I know how I have to collect the samples, where all the liquids are kept to be conserved, how to label them, and how the CDT and Olex work – everything a campaigner on-board ought to know. But, he did forget to give me the instructions on how to work the washing machine!

Last month, scientists from all parts of the Mediterranean Sea gathered at the 18th session of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM), the regional body responsible for fisheries management in the Mediterranean Sea. The event once again centred on the bleak situation of Mediterranean fishing resources, in which 97% of stocks assessed are overfished and/or not sustainably exploited.


Today is my second day on the Ranger and it is my turn to write about my sensations and discoveries –I’m thrilled, of course. The morning starts with an almost completely calm sea and we start our trip southbound towards Seco de los Olivos (Chella Bank) from Almerimar. We intend to make at least two immersions in the secondary elevations that accompany that seamount.