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Blog Posts by: Olimpia García

The new faces I saw come aboard the Ranger on the night of the 29th were not so new, except for one. The arrival of the first "batch" of new crew members felt like a reunion: Maribel López, co-worker from the European office, Jorge Candan and Pilar Barros, video cameraman and his underwater assistant and… Miguel Bosé were joining us again!!! The new face to come aboard our catamaran made a long journey to join us.

My travelling companion, Nuño Ramos (captain on the Transoceanic Expedition in 2005), and I arrived at Cagliari and went straight to the Ranger, which was moored in the Port of San Telmo. As we had expected, immediately after boarding the yearned-for Ranger, engines were started up and our crew colleagues, with a full tummy, and after having received us with open arms, cast ropes loose and set off in search of more illegal driftnet vessels.