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Blog Posts by: Nuño Ramos

Since I wrote the other day about returning from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean due to bad weather, today I'll write about returning to the ocean again. The small window of good weather in Gorringe appeared a few days ago and the forecast looks good so we quickly set sail from Almerimar. We intend on picking up Ana de la Torriente in Portimão and then continuing on to Gorringe Bank.

After various days “ROVing” off Cape St. Vincent and sleeping anchored in the Sagres inlet, we decide to change our plans: since we weren’t going to be able to go to Gorringe for a while, we would set sail toward the Mediterranean again. We need to get some work done in the Alboran Sea and, meanwhile, we’d be checking up on the weather. If we see the smallest chance of improvement, we’d return to the Atlantic to work on Gorringe faster than the speed of light. Anyway, the seamount is only three days away… We can’t miss the opportunity!

A big, juicy steak.

A delight that lies some thirty terrible miles from here. We will have to stoically wait a few more hours. We are on the west coast of Fuerteventura, and we are going to port thanks to the scientific director’s immeasurable magnanimousness. We will land and rest for an entire day to come back to the onslaught of this campaign’s final stage. It is turning out to be more successful than ever on all accounts. But more erudite diaries will talk about this. We will stick to our thing.

"Ricardo... Where are we going today?”

A question I regularly ask the scientific guru we carry aboard at about 8 each morning. The engines purr as they warm up while the coffee is steaming in our cups so we can take in that heat that puts us in gear. Indi, the cook, hunched down below the engine controls is still in his dreamy limbo waiting for his last little sip in order to enter this world...