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Blog Posts by: Natividad Sánchez

The Berlengas islands are a nature reserve in front of the town of Peniche, Portugal, and a great example of how much more knowledge of the seabed we need. Though located only a few kilometers from the coast, in just two weeks we no less than 120 species were found whose existence was unknown in the area. Not only that, but four or five of them could be completely new to science. Amazing isn’t it?

LIFE+ INDEMARESAlthough the wind continues to blow and seas are rough, the weather is better than yesterday. The forecast is good. However, it takes us longer to get to the seamount and submerge the ROV. We did three dives today, including the spot where we took samples the day before yesterday. It's difficult to manoeuvre the robot and the currents aren't helping.

LIFE+ INDEMARESThe Ranger stayed in port today because the wind has picked up and the ROV can’t be used when seas are rough. We took advantage and had the winch checked out because yesterday the cable was running very slow, both up and down.  After a visit from a couple of technicians who dismounted and checked everything out, the cause of the problem is found: a loose cable.