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Blog Posts by: Maribel López Carmona

We get up early because there is still much to be done. The days in port are all alike, a lot of planning, preparing and logistics. But today, the divers take advantage to dive on one of the hundreds of oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Specifically, the platform is roughly 30 miles from our current location, the Port of Gulfport in Mississippi. This is roughly 2 and a half hours each way.

Gulfport: the Latitude looks like an anthill. There’s a crane working on deck unloading part of the material that was used during the last phase of the campaign; anchors, compressors, chains, ropes, buoys…

Part of the Oceana crew is also packing their bags because we need to make room for the new occupants that will be arriving shortly.

The frenetic activity is only affected by the heat. It’s so hot and humid that the workers have to stop and drink water to avoid dehydration.