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Blog Posts by: Magnus Eckeskog

Last Monday, the countries around the Baltic Sea invited stakeholders to discuss fisheries management issues at the Baltic Sea Fisheries Forum, known as BALTFISH. BALTFISH is an informal group established by the fisheries administrations around the Baltic Sea, where they discuss fisheries management issues that only concern the Baltic Sea area in order to facilitate the EU fisheries Council negotiations – regionalization of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) put into practice.

This week, representatives from all EU member states around the Baltic Sea and stakeholders met in Latvia at the Baltfish forum. Baltfish works on two levels – the High Level Group (HLG) and the Forum seminars. The HLG is currently only open to member state administrations and the Baltic Sea director of the EU Commission, whereas the forum seminars are open to stakeholders – like Oceana and other NGOs for example. Here we have the chance to forward our ideas on the items on the HLG agenda.

This week, representatives from Member States around the Baltic Sea, are meeting in Tallinn, Estonia to discuss multi species fisheries management and a discard ban in the Baltic Sea.

Stakeholders have been invited to give their point of view, and Oceana will be there. We’re expecting some interesting discussions between the Member States, fisheries and other representatives and we hope that they will all show a clear commitment to ensuring that the future of the Baltic Sea is in line with fundamental principles on EU fisheries and marine environmental management.

On April 16th, the Swedish coast guard carried out an inspection on a fishing vessel located south of Lilla Middelgrund, a Marine Protected Area (and part of Natura 2000) in the Kattegat. The trawler was caught using a mesh size below the minimum size permitted for its targeted fishery, greater weever, of which it had approximately 8000 kilos onboard. The case is now with the Swedish police.