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Blog Posts by: Jordi Pinós

The first thing I want to do is say thank you to my fellow crew members for the sweet surprised they prepared for me the other day on my birthday.

I feel really lucky to be here for several reasons, but one of them has to be because of the great atmosphere here on board with all the crew - you’re all cool!

We kicked off the day with amazing weather. It’s been sunny and the sea conditions have been perfect to go scuba diving.

We’re kicking off Monday ready and raring to go after our first stop in the port of Haugesund in Norway. At 7 am we were already lowering the two small boats into the water – today we’re going to be diving!

At lunch time, we sheltered between some islands about 8 miles off the coast and it’s here where we did the second dive of the day. The scenery is spectacular and the feeling you get from being here is just amazing! It’s my first time as a diver for Oceana and I feel very fortunate to be able to do live and share this experience with all the team. Thank you all!